• John O’Callaghan in São Paulo.

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take me to ikea but not in a bullshit 500 days of summer way but just bc im passionate about swedish design and reasonable prices 

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still hungover saturday night bed jams

I kinda want a pink Jazzmaster…

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I like your style. A little Bowie, a little Bardot, and a look on your face that says I could kick the shit out of a truck driver.

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It’s a beautiful world, friends
John O’Callaghan, Toronto Warped Tour, July 4 2014 (via j-ohnthefifth)

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what’s up guys im back from camping and walking in the lake district and iv had the best time ahh iv swam in waterfalls and had campfires and watched sunsets and sunrises and gone stargazing and walked over 80km and climbed 4 mountains and i got a tic (im quite proud wow) iv never felt more alive!! 


Last fall, we stopped in at Faultline Studios in San Francisco to record a live session for our friends over at Rdio. 

We’re really excited that the session has officially been released today! Check out the track listing below and head over to Rdio for an exclusive listen. Hope you guys enjoy!

1. Kennedy Curse
2. Run
3. F*cked Up Kids
4. Waiting For My Sun To Shine

Listen to the session here: